It’s time for the 5th Annual NeoHeart 2020!

Last year we flooded the streets of Huntington Beach and took away far more than innovative therapies and expert opinions; we made new and lasting friendships, while we continued to establish a foundation for neonatal cardiac care. This year our agenda will be full again; packed with sessions on neonatal hemodynamics, pulmonary hypertension, ethical dilemmas, and much more. We have experts from around the world engaged and discussing vital neonatal cardiac subjects to give YOU and our patients the most up-to-date information, research, and expert opinions.

Come join us in October 28-31 2020 in New York City, New York as we introduce “the city that never sleeps” culture to the many faces of NeoHeart! As we recommence to learn and share on neonatal cardiac care, we will continue to make new friendships and foundations in neonatal cardiac care.  As with our previous NeoHeart conferences, we embrace the idea of having fun while learning.

For 2019, we had the absolute privilege and honor of having Dr. Richard Van Praagh as our keynote speaker.

Dr. Richard Van Praagh is one of the greatest minds in medicine, and our field has directly benefited from his countless contributions. His seminal publication in 1972 on the segmental approach of cardiac development has become the foundation of congenital heart disease.

In 1965, he developed the world’s first modern pediatric cardiac pathology registry. In a novel approach to education, he combined each patient’s clinical course alongside their anatomic pathology to gain in-depth understanding of their unique physiology. What sets Dr. Van Praagh apart is his all-inclusive approach. This includes pediatric cardiologists, CT surgeons, neonatologists, pathologists, radiologists, and many others. Nearly every patient from every country around the world has benefited from his contributions.

Stay tuned to see who we have as our key note speaker for New York 2020!



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